Enjoy your baby, now is the time

Enjoy your baby, now is the time

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On these cold days, there is nothing that comforts me more than cuddling my son in my arms and cradling him with a blanket. Little by little, with the warmth of my chest and the gentle movement of the rocking in the chair, I see how he goes into a trance and after a few minutes he is asleep, sound asleep.

His face expresses peace and tranquility, his features relax, his lips turn out as he releases the pacifier, his breathing changes and gradually slows and harmonizes and then he begins to sweat through his head. After a while, due to the humidity, numerous snails appear on his hair, those curls that I like so much and with which he is very handsome.

I could spend an entire afternoon contemplating my baby like that, enjoying his well-being in my arms, and not just one afternoon, but the night, if I could, if necessary ... Doesn't your arm hurt? My husband asks me. Yes, but not enough to loosen him up and put him in the crib. Finally, when I do it, I have the feeling that I am missing something, but I think of another day, the next free moment, so that the circumstances accompany and I can sleep in my arms again. Perhaps some of you will think that sleeping babies in your arms is a bad habit. I know the philosophy of Estivill and Carlos Martínez, of the advocates of co-sleeping and of the opponents as well.

I have read a lot about childhood sleep, but the experiences of a mother are only for her. They remain in your memory, in your memory and many of these events are recorded forever and remain unchanged in time and space, and when they come back to mind again, the memory is wrapped in wrapping paper scented even with the aroma. of the baby. Kids grow up so fast, everyone tells you, but until you have yours you don't really realize how fast time goes by.

As parents we go from one stage to another, from breast to bottle, from diapers to toilet training, from cradle to bed, from babbling to first words, from bottle to first baby food and from nursery school to school. older. Now is the time. I have always tried not to leave for tomorrow what I have been able to enjoy today and with my babies, living the present to the fullest has been the best decision of my life.

Marisol New.

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